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New Generation Blind

New Generation Blind

The latest and most promising experience in the field of roller blinds.

The weight of the blind is drastically reduced thanks to a simple design, which means that this patented system allows the blind to be raised or lowered with a simple hand movement, without the use of any chain or rope, no matter its size.

This system allows the blind to be retractable and flexible with variable force. The use of volute springs also allows the blind to be installed in places where a strong compression is exerted in small distances. These volute springs can withstand higher loads than traditional coil springs.

This system makes intelligent use of the interaction force to perform the retraction and release functions. The tension of each spring is adjusted according to the weight of each blind to be operated.

In Canada, new legislation will be introduced to eliminate the use of ropes and chains. DMS is a PRECURSOR in the application of this law, which will have a decisive impact on our industry.

Perfect for cpe, schools, hospitals and public buildings.

The danger of chains in schools, where young children are present, is the basis of our awareness. Our NEW GENERATION blind will bring you peace of mind knowing that children will be in a safer environment.

The NEW GENERATON blind is perfectly suited for retirement homes and long-term care facilities, as the elderly are often less agile and can suffer from certain movement restrictions that often make it difficult for them to reach and handle the chains.

Hospital regulations require increasingly safer products, creating the need for a safer environment for both patients and caregivers. This is a concern with the blind systems currently in use, especially where people with diminished mental capacity are at risk of injury.