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ZIP Blind

ZIP Blind

DMS is at the forefront with innovative products that provide new solutions to the various challenges that our customers face on a daily basis.

The ZIP blind with zipper does not look like a traditional blind. However, its zipper system gives it undeniable advantages. For example, the ZIP blind is indispensable for tilting windows, as it keeps the blind permanently taut with minimal maintenance.

As for the blind’s opacity, it considerably reduces lateral light, which is essential in laboratories, X-ray rooms, or conference rooms. It also significantly helps to save energy, as it contains the air between the glass and the blind, providing additional insulation. The thermal resistance of a ZIP blind is much more effective than a standard roller blind.

In some cases, it can also act as a mosquito screen. Open the window and lower your ZIP awning completely: you can enjoy the fresh air while the zip system and watertight side sections prevent insects from entering.

The fabric edges of the blind are equipped with an electronically welded zipper and side sliders are installed on each side of the blind. The thickness of the zipper keeps the blind inserted into the sliders, which act as guide rails. Therefore, when the blind is in motion, it is guided over the entire height of the window. In contrast to the ZIP blind, traditional systems that use side sliders without zippers allow the fabric to slip out of the guide rail grooves.

For effortless operation, the use of an assisted spring is strongly recommended.