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Our customers say

I recommend DMS without hesitation because of their enthusiasm to always find solutions for my problems.

Daniel Hébert

Director of Supply & Logistics Department,
CIUSSS Nord-de-l’ile-de-Montréal

We are a customer of DMS for several years. They have good quality products, and if you need a replacement, no problem, stock is at hand. Claudine, a member of the team, has an incredible sense for finding solutions according to our needs. We recommend DMS without hesitation.

Isabelle Laplante

Planning technician,
Cegep du Vieux Montréal

Have been dealing with DMS for serveral years now, and the reason why I continue is the good quality range of products. This team is courteous and whatever item you are looking for DMS can get it.

Luc Cloutier

Head of Auxiliary Services CISSS of l’Abitibi-Témiscaminque

What best defines “DMS” is : Prompt service, good quality products, competitive prices and availability.

Hospital Logistic Technician


I choose to work with DMS and its team because they always have the best advice for my needs. If faced with a problem, their service is prompt and excellent.

Michelle Doré

Owner Auberge Place D’Armes, Champlain Hotel, Jardin Ste-Anne

It’s a pleasure to work with DMS and its team as they take the time to listen to our needs and work with us to find a more customized solution. Thanks to Claudine and her team.

Sarah Côté

Manager, Germain Hotel Quebec

I have been dealing with DMS now for 20 years and all I have to say is that they are always available. I can always count on Denis who always has a good advice to embellish the lives of our residents. Thanks to you and your team.

Nasreddine Benalem

Head of Technical Services, Residence Angelica

It’s always a pleasure to work with DMS. Always available to discuss our needs. Thanks to Claudine and André.

Patrick O’connor

Head of Health & Safety Department, Charles-Lemoyne Hospital

If you are looking for a job well done, you are in good hands with DMS’ team.

Alexandre Saillant

Vice-President, Group

We can count on DMS as a long-term supplier for our institution.

Serge Comtois

Consulting Architect Structural and real estate, University Hospital Centre Laval (CHUL)

Quality, competitive, and meets our time frame, that describes DMS.

Jean Garneau

General Manager, Champigny College

DMS’ team is courteous and works professionally..

Julie Tremblay

Head Hardware Unit, CIUSSS Capitale Nationale

Kathleen and her team, has shown me how much we are important, no matter what you need for any kind of project.

Denis Lesage

Director of Material Resources Inn and Mont St-Sacrement School

We are dealing with DMS for many years now, and we have our full trust in them.

François Jacques

Architectural Technologist, National des Beaux Arts Museum of Quebec (MNBAQ)

Without doubt, DMS, in business for 35 years, we know we can count on this team for their knowledge and experience.

Jean François Grondin

Architectural and real estate technician, University Hospital of Quebec (CHU)

DMS team is one we can count on for their experience and knowledge.

Jean Yves Leclerc

General Manager, Medicaxion

We have called upon DMS’ experienced team and they have given us the most interesting ideas for our needs at a very competitive price.

Joanie Dancause

Construction Manager, LOBE