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Made-to-measure drapery

Custom drapery service

DMS specializes in made to measure drapery: our draperies will always be made according to your requirements.

You may want to choose pleated curtains. There are several types of pleats, such as French pleats, flat pleats and folded pleats. Our draperies can be fitted on request with “microflex” plastic hooks. These hooks do not rust and are very easy to adjust in height.

You could also choose wave drapes made using the “ripplefold” method. These give a much more contemporary look to your room and are the latest in curtain making.

We also offer grommets and flat curtains, which are completed with eyelets, buttonholes or Velcro.

Cubicle curtains

We offer a wide selection of fabrics specially designed for cubicle curtains. they all have built-in flame resistance for the life of the fabric and meet nfpa 701 standards. dms also offers the “silverclear” line of antimicrobial treated fabrics that meet the can/ulc-s109 standard.

Window curtains

Our panels and drapes are offered in a wide range of styles to adapt to each customer’s desired decor. Our darkening fabrics, used as a lining or as a main curtain (plain or printed), guarantee the ideal privacy and semi-darkness to ensure quality comfort.

Theatre curtains

This type of curtain is used in theatres, multi-purpose halls and sports complexes. Installation for this type of curtain requires the use of specially designed heavy-duty tracks. Velvet, flame-retardant cotton or Trevira FR polyester fabrics are mainly used.

Shower curtains

This curtain is not only washable, but above all water-repellent. In addition, it has superior stain, mildew and antimicrobial properties. It is made to measure with rustproof eyelets, buttonholes or zippers. It complies with NFPA 701 and CAN/ULC-S109 standards.

Anti-hanging curtains

This type of curtain is designed by our research and development team. it is particularly effective for use in psychiatric units, youth centres and detention centres. its main feature is the ability to come off the track when under too much tension. we recommend it for both shower curtains and window curtains.

Bed covers

These are very popular in retirement homes and long-term care facilities. they are available stitched or unstitched, with different fill weights, lined, tubular, or patterned. they can be interlocking or piled and are always made to measure.


DMS is also a manufacturer of tracks for several types of applications. Our cubicle curtain tracks are known as MEDITRINGLE and MEDITRINGLE G (compatible with the Alco system). For windows, there is the MEDITRINGLE À CLIPS that can be installed on the ceiling and wall. Of course, we also distribute all other brands of curtain tracks on the market.