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Manufacturing service

Many components are necessary to ensure the highest quality of the products manufactured.

The experience gained over the years by our production team, supported by feedback from our installers in the field; the search for appropriate solutions by our development team; the acquisition of efficient machinery for ultrasonic cutting and electronic welding; the use of a system for fastening shades by means of an insert tab, as well as the purchase of high-performance solar shades: all of these elements enable us to attest that our products meet the highest standards in the industry.

Solar shades

This is a shade with a chain or spring mechanism. Our sun protection shades are available in a wide range of weaves and colours. But before choosing a shade, you should consider different parameters, such as openness, visible transmission, solar transmission and reflection. The facade on which the shade will be placed, the layout of the furniture and the intended use can guide your choice.

Blackout shades

This shade is available with chain or spring mechanism, in a wide range of colours. Our premium quality four-ply vinyl is made from a fiberglass base laminated with three layers of vinyl. It is the most cost-effective solution for all rooms requiring total darkness.

Zebra shades

This aesthetically pleasing awning offers full control over brightness. With this system, the shade can be opened and closed at any height. Completely closed, it offers privacy, while open, it allows you to see outside and lets in all the light. Recently, it has been offered with FR fabrics that meet the relevant standards for public institutions.

Motorized shade

Several types of motors let you choose the most suitable option for your project. It can be an electric motor on 120V, rechargeable battery with low voltage or rechargeable with solar panel or networked with a control panel for a home automation system. At DMS, you will find all the advice you need to make an informed choice.

Horizontal blind

We have been manufacturing horizontal blinds for 30 years. Metallic 1″ or 2″, they are practical, simple and attractive, and always offer a modern and clean look. Made of 2″ wood, they are affordable, warm, and elegant wherever you install them.

Panel track systems

Inspired by Japanese screens, panels are a modern alternative to vertical blinds. A fling rod guides the panels which slide on the track in one direction or in a central opening. The width of the panels is determined at the factory to ensure an ideal crossing between each, whether blackout or translucent.

Multiform fixed panel

Available to cover all windows of various shapes, as well as angular or horizontal windows. This shade is fixed and therefore cannot be raised or lowered. This type of panel is fixed in the upper part of an arched window and is typically finished with a hem inserted into a tab to give the appearance of a conventional blind.

Day and night blinds

This is a blackout vinyl blind that eliminates 99% of direct light using an integrated base and side sliders, as well as the addition of brushes in the side sliders that prevent light from passing through. The addition of an assisted spring is sometimes recommended for effortless operation.

Zip blinds

This blind has side sliders and a zipper is welded on each side of the shade. The zipper allows the blind to be held in place and slide along the side slider. This type of blind is ideal for all sloping windows, as it can be tightly stretched without deflection. It is strongly recommended with an assisted spring.

Vision blind

Our VISION blind has many advantages. It allows you to lower the blind manually from the base. It is also balanced and tested during manufacture and has an integrated leveling system. The installation and removal of the blind is simple, with no dismantling required, and it is exceptionally smooth to operate.

New generation blind

This sets a new standard for roller blinds. This patented model without rope and chain is the safest blind on the market. Its mechanism is self-regulating, which means that the blind can be raised or lowered to any height with a simple, effortless fingertip operation.