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Vision Blind

Vision Blind

The VISION blind is a manually operated chain blind. Its special feature is the ability to be lowered by pulling it down from the base, without having to use the chain.

The design of its double clutch mechanism (passive and driving ends) allows the clutch side to be switched without disassembling the blind. A clutch guide wheel minimizes the risk of telescoping and prevents fraying of the fabric edges.

The combination of clutch and spring ensures smooth, effortless operation and relieves pressure on the chain and sprocket, eliminating the possibility of chain breakage.

The addition of self-lubricating Delrin in the manufacture of the Vision blind’s moving components reduces friction and extends the life of the blind.

In order to maintain product quality over time, a hardened coil spring maximizes tensile strength and torque power.

Since the unit is completely factory assembled, it is balanced and tested during manufacturing to maintain good performance before and after installation.

An integrated leveling system allows the ends to be leveled after installation to compensate for uneven installation conditions.

The Vision blind is available in an open roll version as standard. However, it is also available in a wide variety of valance configurations.

Finally, it meets LEED 4.1/4.2 criteria for recycled content, 5.1/5.2 for regional materials and 8.1/8.2 for natural light and vision.