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About us


It all started in the mid-1980s, when the company was incorporated under the name Confection Industrielle de Tilly, since it was located in the small village of Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly. The company specialized in the making of curtains on a contract basis for various clients.

The advent of vertical blinds greatly disrupted the curtain market and threatened the company’s survival. This is when there was a change of shareholder. The new owner made decisions that greatly reshaped the operations and set forth a new direction that would make us a distinctly different and unique company. The decision was made to expand by manufacturing new products in the window covering industry.

Since the company name was too closely tied to one department and too difficult to pronounce for English speakers, we registered the DMS trademark in 1989, which is identical in both languages and means Draperie, Manufacture and Store. After having studied different options and deliberated at length, we defined what would come to be known as DMS, a division of CITI.

Our mission

Improve the ambience and atmosphere of hospitals, schools and public buildings by ensuring that innovative and high-quality products are always offered at the most competitive price possible.

Our vision

Establish a long-term relationship with each customer to become their exclusive window covering supplier. The choice of our products’ components, their origin and the manufacturing process should always be motivated by this vision.


Our values

At DMS, management and employees share a set of values that are essential to the achievement of our goals.

All our employees must show respect for each other. Each of us is important, regardless of our position on the team. We all deserve to be heard and valued. We are the key to our company’s success.

Times change. Listening to our customers means that solutions to meet their needs must evolve as well. We must be proactive, innovative and exceed expectations.

The trust of our customers is our company’s biggest asset. Our clients are institutions that will be in operation for a long time to come. For a long-term relationship to develop, they need to know that they can always count on us, both when managing complaints and providing customer service.

In order to achieve these objectives, the entire team must work together and have confidence in the ability of each member to participate in the collective effort. Have a flexible structure, where everyone can contribute ideas and participate in decision-making.

At DMS, we have 3 mottos.

  1. Everything that lingers becomes dirty. If there’s a problem, we fix it quickly so it doesn’t get worse.
  2. Everything that deserves to be done deserves to be done well. We must all apply ourselves to do our job well.
  3. If number 2 is done right, then we don’t have to worry about number 1.